Staying safe as school starts

As children and young people start returning to education, Calderdale Council is encouraging families to keep doing the five big things that help protect us all from COVID-19:

  1. Give others space
  2. Wear a mask in busy places
  3. Get tested and self-isolate if notified to do so
  4. Mix outside or let air in
  5. Get both doses of the vaccine if you are eligible

COVID-19 rates are still high in Calderdale, and health and care services are under pressure. In previous lockdowns, cases increased when children and young people went back to school and college, and increases in infection rates in children and young people led to rises in other age groups.

The Council continues to work in partnership with schools and other education settings in line with government guidance to support the arrangements for the new academic year.

Calderdale schools and other providers are following the guidance recommended by the Department for Education, but they and the Council are ready to adapt as necessary if the COVID-19 situation gets worse.

If a school feels that additional measures are required as the term progresses, the Council will support their decision and address any issues on a school-by-school basis. If the Council has concerns about infection rates in a particular school, it will work with them to consider appropriate actions.

Each education setting and its community is different and COVID-19 risks vary, for example by vaccination uptake, household size and makeup, and parents’ jobs. Therefore, the Council will provide support in a tailored way, informed by the level of risk in the community and each setting’s knowledge of their local area.

For up-to-date and reliable information about COVID-19, use trusted sources such as: