Root Out Racism Movement

West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership and West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit invite you to join the Root Out Racism Movement, starting Monday 23rd August at 9am.

For more up-to-date info visit :

The series of events and a prequel on Friday the 20th of August, 1-2pm at the Piece Hall, address the issues around racist behaviour, the impacts to the sufferers, opening discussions from experiences shared.

A series of local launches have been planned. For more information, use the contact details provided next to the events.

  • Bradford district and Craven, Mon 23rd August, Centenary Square, Bradford City Centre. Contact for more information
  • Calderdale at the Piece Hall on Friday 20 August. Contact for more information
  • Leeds are doing a photocall with the Mayor and CEO for Leeds Council, amongst others on Friday 20 August at Town Hall with embargo of Monday. Contact
  • Kirklees, have done a pre-launch photo call with Cllr Pandor, and this will go out on Monday to the media. Contact
  • For the Wakefield plans contact
  • WY&H HCP photo call on Monday 23 August with Rob, the Deputy Mayor, Interim CEO for SWYPFT, Karen Jackson and others. 
  • BBC Radio Leeds is planning a full week of activity and the latest schedule is below. Thank you to all who are taking part.

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A week-long feature, to correspond with the launch of the Anti-Racism Movement in late August 2021 (W.C 23rd Aug), with a different community group/story told daily on the BBC Radio Leeds Breakfast Show. Coverage is centred upon the real stories of people living in West Yorkshire who’ve experienced racism first hand and the positive steps they’ve taken to tackle and overcome adversity. The whole idea of this campaign is to proactively challenge racism across all aspects of society. 


MONDAY 23rd August

Lead piece on Day One : Launch of the anti-racism movement


PKG DONE: ANTI RACISM – Music PKG (Graft) Daragh

0705 CONF LIVE (Zoom): Two guests. Soriya Jabeen (South Asian lady, Pakistani Muslim) and Mark Grattan AKA Marky G (DJ and music producer) founded Safety in Music in WY (a youth project aimed at helping the most vulnerable in fight against serious violent crime and tackling racism). (Both Soriya and Mark will be on Zoom and are happy to be interviewed.)

0735 (Still to be done): Pre-recorded piece with Presenter Richard Stead interviewing Ex-England Footballer and Huddersfield Town Player, Frazier Campbell. (Interview to be done Thursday 19th August at 10.30am)

  • Frazier can talk about his own personal experiences of racism, both on and off the pitch.
  • His reaction to what happened at the Euros.
  • Whether he thinks enough work’s being done to combat racism in sport?
  • The proactive work Huddersfield Town are doing, and other local clubs, to promote anti-racism in society.

0805 CONF LIVE (Zoom): Live Guest: Rob Webster CBE CEO lead for the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership.

News Bulletins – Pre-recorded interview with Kirklees Council Leader Cllr Shabir Pandor – he’s is the anti-racism movement lead for the Partnership.

SOCIAL MEDIA: working up some digital content




LIVE GUEST CONF (Facetime) Interfaith, Leeds Jewish Representative Council – Simon Philips Director of Interfaith. This organisation found us the case study in the PKG.

Simon can talk about the work Interfaith do in the community to support people of Jewish heritage.


WOMEN – (Clothing / Public Perception of Head Scarves for Women)


LIVE GUEST CONF (Zoom): Heather Nelson – Chief Executive Officer, Black Health Initiative (BHI) Leeds


Heather can talk about her own experiences of racism as a Black woman. Heather can also talk about the proactive work the BHI Leeds are doing to tackle racist behaviour.


TRAVELLERS / GYPSY COMMUNITY – Racism and Discrimination

PKG DONE: ANTI RACISM – Travellers PKG Daragh

LIVE GUEST CONF (Zoom): Connecting Roma, Daniel


  • Connecting Roma is a community interest organisation, launched in 2009, in Bradford
  • Daniel is from the Czech Republic and identifies as a Roma, but is not a traveller. He wants to promote understanding within the WY community of what Roma means. He wants to promote integration, without people forgetting who you are.
  • Roma is an Ethnicity, with traditional elements differing from country to country. I.e. in Britain members of the Roma community may live in caravans, elsewhere this is not the case.
  • He says there are as many as 20,000 people living in Bradford from Eastern Europe who identify as Roma. It’s a large community which is unrepresented. He mentioned how he never sees anyone in sports teams or on TV representing his ethnicity.
  • Daniel says he’s come from a racist country and the system in the UK isn’t as racist as in the Czech Republic. In England he’d feel confident to call the police about a hate crime, but in Czech he wouldn’t.
  • He’s faced racism in the UK, when he first came to the country age 10, with a group of Asian boys telling him to “Go back to your country.” Daniel says he never understood why someone with the same skin colour as his own was racist towards him. In his lifetime he’s also be denied access to restaurants, with people saying “we don’t serve gypsies.”
  • He’s working a lot with schools and currently has 30 Roma children in summer camps. He’s raised with schools about inclusion and that many Eastern European cultures like to have soup ahead of a meal – he’s asked if this could happen one day a week.


MIGRANTS – (Children Facing Racism)

PKG BEING EDITTED BY AISHA: With a West Yorkshire family (Calderdale) who recently moved to the county from Nigeria and immediately faced racism for being migrants.

POSSIBLE LIVE GUEST TBC: Fay (surname TBC), Trustee Member at Light Up Black and African Heritage Calderdale

The live guest is being arranged via Bola Adams – 07550 699459