Learn Create Sell


AALFY is a social enterprise group who will soon be launching its free Learn | Create | Sell programme in Halifax in October.

Learn Create Sell helps tinkerers, makers, and creatives learn how to make beautiful products using a laser cutter and then sell these products in different outlets. We specialise in digital fabrication by using design software and laser cutting technology. We want to encourage makers as well as close the digital skills gap in the UK.

See our work in action elsewhere below,
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ptgkJqzGtI or visit our website

In response to a rapidly evolving landscape of work, AALFY delivers learning experiences for young people and adults to become enterprising, resilient, adaptable and agile individuals. We want to develop each individual’s agency so that they can improve decision making and overcome obstacles. Ultimately becoming a well-rounded individual who feels independent with a sense of purpose and role in the wider community.

We are here for the many young people termed as “pushed out”, “vulnerable” and “socially excluded” learners in mainstream education and individuals from marginalised communities.

We are here to create a level playing field, a space where each person is provided continuous support allowing people to fail, try again and re-engage. We are here as a stepping stone supporting individuals explore their skills, talents but most importantly to have a sense of purpose.