Extra COVID-19 testing in action in Calderdale

The amazing joint effort to tackle COVID-19 across Calderdale continues, with local people and businesses doing their bit to reduce the spread of the virus.

The steps taken by the borough’s workplaces have played a significant part in keeping Calderdale’s case rates low in recent months.

However, COVID-19 infection rates are now rising across Calderdale, and recently, rates in the Park and Warley wards have increased significantly. There is a higher chance of the virus spreading in Park and Warley due to the type of work that residents do and the size of households.

Preventative measures have been stepped up to help minimise the impact of COVID-19 on people’s lives and the economy.

Additional testing is taking place to test as many people as possible who live, work or go to school in Park and Warley, whether or not they have symptoms. PCR tests are being used as they are laboratory-analysed and not only identify any positive COVID-19 cases, but they also detect the Delta variant, which rapid Lateral Flow Tests are unable to do.

Extra testing is planned in workplaces, schools and community venues in Park and Warley over the next few weeks, in addition to Todmorden where a number of cases of the Delta variant have been found, linked to evening socialising.

Mobile Testing Unit at Sabel

Sabel Cosmetics in Halifax was the first workplace to have a pop-up testing unit at its premises. Sabel is a leading formulator, contract manufacturer and packer of liquid and powder hair and body products.

On Wednesday 9 June, around 40 employees from Sabel were tested at work, in a fantastic joint effort to help control COVID-19.

For workplaces, Mobile Testing Units are available to test all employees once whilst they are at work. PCR test kits are also available for workplaces to distribute to their employees, so they can take them home for their whole household to get tested.