Volunteering week 1-7 June: The benefits of volunteering

Volunteers' Week 2021 | Voluntary Impact

Volunteers Week is held between 1 -7 of June to celebrate the brilliant contribution of volunteers. It is celebrated each year to thank those who have given up their time to help without asking for anything in return and in doing so have had a positive impact to many. Whether these volunteers belong to a small group or larger, more widely known charities, or even individuals who have offered their help without making mention of what they have done, this week is dedicated to them.

During the last two years, more than ever the impact of volunteers has been highlighted. There have been countless remarkable, touching stories of volunteerism, during the particularly trying times of consecutive lockdowns due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The thankless efforts of many to look out for the more vulnerable among us and ensure their wellbeing has changed the lives of both the volunteer and the recipient.

Volunteering, in every form, strengthens communities, promotes cohesion, forms bonds between individuals. The reach of voluntary efforts can extend far beyond the individual’s immediate surroundings.

There are several praises to the work of volunteers and testimonies as to the benefits of their work. So what makes someone do something for free?

Volunteering is its own reward. It gives satisfaction and a feeling of empowerment, knowing that your efforts had such meaningful impact. Come to think of it, without exerting or spending money, your efforts have made a difference, sometimes further than you could reach. That sense is almost intoxicating, it drives an individual, makes them wonder what else you can achieve!

You may be surprised but a good deed comes back to you eventually.

And these are just the benefits for the volunteer. The rewards for the wider community are much greater.

When people get together to achieve solutions to their issues, the community becomes stronger.

Lives can improve. Lives can be saved. All these from actions without ulterior motives, just the desire to do good, straight from the heart.

For this reason, each year on volunteering week, we join and from the bottom of our hearts we say: Thank you to all Volunteers out there.

For there’s no joy greater than the joy you give.