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Jesus Christ the Apple Tree with The Part Singers

Local vocalists, The Part Singers, continue their Spring Season with “Jesus Christ the Apple Tree” by Elizabeth Poston.

  • The words come from the early days of Methodism and seem to have been in wide use.
  • They were only published in print in New Hampshire in 1784 in a hymn collection by Joshua Smith.
  • Elizabeth Poston’s setting is haunting in its simplicity.
  • Because we are all recording from home, we continue to be joined by friends from around the UK.
  • The season concludes in three weeks time with a rare Choral work by Clara Schumann. One of the giants of 19th century music.
  • Her career spanned the century. We will mark the 125th anniversary of her death on 20th May with the new recording of “Abendfeier in Venedig”.

For more details and tickets, please visit: The Part Singers YouTube .