Anti-Poverty Event February 25th short film

The Voluntary Sector Projects department of Calderdale Council are organising a large virtual anti-poverty event for the 25th February exploring the impact of Covid-19 on poverty in Calderdale.

As part of the event, there is an effort to create a short film with the ‘lived experience’ of different groups. The format is going to use ‘life courses’:

  • Starting well: Babies and young children living in Calderdale (0-5)
  • Developing well: Children starting school to young adults (5-25yrs)
  • Living well: Adults aged over 25 living in Calderdale
  • Working well: Adults aged over 25 working in Calderdale
  • Ageing well: Adults aged over 65 living in Calderdale

Asking mainly organisations working with these groups, if there are any clients willing to go on camera and share their stories, please contact Rachel on 01422 393228 or email

What they are looking for is short clips to pull together to really bring the issues to life. It could be a worker asking some questions or if this is quite challenging perhaps a worker could have permission to talk about a client or family. A zoom conversation will do just as well if face to face isn’t possible.