Coronavirus scam calls and texts!

Unfortunately, even the ongoing global pandemic does not stop Cyber criminals from seeking to scam people.

Scammers are calling home phones and sending text messages to mobile phones, which contain misinformation or could leave you out of pocket if you fall victim.

We have received information from the NHS regarding many different scams relating to Covid-19 that are currently circulating. Calls are being made and texts are being sent out which claim to be from official sources such as UK Gov and NHS, but are not genuine.

In the calls, a recorded message or caller will claim to be contacting you about the coronavirus. They might offer a test for the virus, a treatment or cure, or might offer to discuss your medical needs.

However, these calls are designed to encourage you to either speak to an operator, or press a button on your phone for more information.

Many of you may even have already received such calls or texts.

OFCOM has produced in depth information regarding these scams, including images and examples.

Click HERE to be directed to the official OFCOM website.