Stop the Spread; We must act now!

An update on the current situation (Update from Deborah Harkins – Director of Public Health)

  • Covid rates in Calderdale are increasing rapidly and things are going to get worse over the coming days.
  • But we still have time to prevent things getting as extreme as they are in other parts of the country (where rates are over 1000 per 100,000) if we act now. And by now we mean today, tomorrow and the next few days.
  • The new variant of the Covid virus is more transmissible than the variant that was around  during the first wave. This means people are more likely to get it and more likely to pass it on to other people. It is already here in Calderdale. Because it is more transmissible we’ve all got to do even more and be even stricter than we were in the first wave/lockdown. We must stay at home with immediate effect. What we do now is crucial and we only have a few days to act.

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