Park and Warley Inclusive Economy Project

Map of Warley Ward and Park Ward

An inclusive economy is one where everyone benefits from the economy where they live through:

  • good jobs;
  • good health;
  • successful businesses or social enterprises.

We know many Park and east Warley residents face additional barriers and challenges to achieving these things.

We want people here to have the skills and jobs that they need to achieve economic security and good health.

We know people in Park and east Warley know best what they need. Also, that local organisations and community groups are often the best people to make positive change happen.

This project is governed by a steering group made up of local experts. It is brought together to enable local people, organisations and businesses to increase the economic activity of residents. This is through improving their life chances and access to good employment.

Project Grants

We want to support projects that increase Park and east Warley residents’ skills, particularly digital skills. As well as their access to employment and business creation.

We will fund projects that:

  • Show collaboration between people and organisations in the project area.
  • Are innovative and try new ways of doing things differently to what is already on offer in the area.
  • Will add to and enhance what is already on offer in Park and east Warley.
  • Bring lasting benefit to the people of Park and east Warley.

We know that certain groups of people face greater barriers into economic security through employment or business creation. So, we see these groups of people as a priority for funding decisions:

  • Young people;
  • Women;
  • Single Parents;
  • Black and minority ethnic people (BAME);
  • People over 50;
  • Refugees;
  • Care leavers;
  • Those with English as a second language.

We would like to fund projects that support skills development and increased employment into good work. Good work is defined as secure employment at a good wage with opportunities for development.

We have not set a funding limit for these, so we can be more flexible. We will look to fund a range of activity and there is an overall budget of £195,000 for all the projects.

Enterprise Grants

The Steering Group want to encourage new enterprise, in particular social enterprise in Park and east Warley.

To support this, there will be grants of up to £1,000 towards:

  • the start-up/development costs of new enterprises;
  • or where the award of funds will result in more local residents being employed.

Grant applications are welcome from those who:

  • want to start a new business in Calderdale;
  • and who are residents of Park or east Warley.

Priority will be given to social enterprises, such as community interest companies or co-operatives.

To discuss your business idea or apply, contact our Enterprise Adviser Henry Hopper by email: