“Change & Check ” Breast Cancer Campaign

Dr Amir Khan’s mum Abida is supporting Lorraine’s Change and Check campaign and has encouraged more South Asian women to go to screenings and be breast aware.

She joined her son for an important discussion about breaking taboos in her community, where some women may feel embarrassed to show “private parts” of their bodies to medical professionals.

Abida explained how she hadn’t shown any symptoms of breast cancer before it was picked up in a routine mammogram. As a result, the cancer was caught early and she was able to have the treatment she needed.

She urged other women to attend their screenings and go to the doctor if they felt anything unusual.

Breast cancer survivor Rina Gunnoo also shared her mother’s story, explaining how she believes a feeling of embarrassment or shame about the diagnosis may have prevented her from going for the treatment she needed. She also shared her own breast cancer journey with Dr Amir.

Radiologist Dr Shazia Khan and cancer survivor Fiz Ahmed also joined Dr Amir live from St Luke’s Hospital in Bradford and appealed to women to check their breasts and attend their screenings.

“We do everything in our power to give you the information to know what’s going to happen,” Dr Shazia explained. “We will do everything in our power because the sooner and the earlier we catch it, the better the outcome.”

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