Shroggs Valley clean up

Halifax Central Initiative  community wardens Jonny and Zameer had a busy morning on 1st June litter picking and cleaning up the picnic area at the old Shroggs tip site at Brackenbed. The valley is now a natural beauty spot that lies on the boundary between Park and Ovenden wards. It is a lovely spot to visit whatever the weather.

After complaints from local residents and walkers that the area was being used by more people due to the sunny weather who unfortunately were not removing their rubbish and using the area for barbecues, the wardens were asked to visit the site and had to clear up the rubbish.

Whilst in attendance they advised several people who were just setting up their barbeques that this wasn’t allowed.

The wardens collected 10 bags of rubbish which were removed by the Council’s Safer Cleaner Greener team.

The area now looks tidier and cleaner for all to enjoy, and will be revisited regularly to ensure it is kept this way.

Enjoy the weather whilst social distancing but please remember to take your litter home with you.