#Here I Am

We are celebrating the people living in Calderdale artworks logo

 Will you join us?

People of Calderdale, here we are. Wherever you’re from, whatever communities you’re part of, we are all united in being in the same place at this unique moment in time.

Who are you? What do you imagine? For yourself, this place, and the future?

Artworks is inviting you to take part in a wonderful art project to celebrate Calderdale becoming a Valley of Sanctuary.

Take part by making something about you and sending it to us before the 5th June by text or email to join thousands of other contributions from across our valley.

Whatsapp / text: 07914863892 or email: info@theartworks.org.uk with your name, age & postcode

(GDPR: Phone numbers and emails will not be stored and will be deleted from devices (phone and computer) and systems (gmail and Whatsapp) at the end of June 2020. We will not share this information with any third parties.)

Submissions received will be brought together and turned into a series of beautiful creative responses shared during Refugee Week 15-20 June.

These include;

An audio visual collage by Artworks

A live theatre performance from Stand and Be Counted

A live artwork at The Piece Hall