Our Communities Award 2017: Contribution to Sport and Play – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

IMG_3960.JPGWINNER: Metaldyne

Metaldyne is a local engineering firm which has helped fund the last 2 football league events in the summer holidays and have now made it an annual event. Metaldyne are happy with the fact they are helping to make a difference to the lives of local kids and will continue to support the project.

Metaldyne are global leaders in the engineering industry and have a renowned reputation for their technical capability and quality engine parts but they are also a local company and wanted to find out more about the community living outside its doors and make a difference to the lives of local kids.

Their input and advice for the football league has been fantastic and we’re pleased to announce that they are this years deserved winners of the award for contribution to Sport and Play.

To find out more about Metaldyne visit www.metaldyne.co.uk