Take part in the 51st Long March

2016 will see the 51st Halifax Long March take place at midnight on Easter Sunday 27 March 2016, raising thousands of pounds for Charity and the route is kept secret until the night itself, where walkers will be guided by marshals.

There will be new features to The Long March in 2016:

  • Walkers will be able to be sponsored for a Registered Charity of their own choice.
  • The full distance of The Long March will be reduced to 15 miles to help enable more people to participate, and achieve this challenge
  • It will start at midnight on Easter Sunday 27 March 2016 evening from the YMCA in Halifax town Centre.

This is a wonderful opportunity to join in a great social event and, at the same time, raise money for good causes – local or national – which need all the support they can get.

About the Long March

  • The Route is a secret. It always has been, and still will be.
  • Rest Centres and First Aid will be available throughout the route.
  • The long experience of the volunteer organisers in running this event and 2016 will be the 51st Long March
  • Walkers will be able to retire at any point in the walk and will be brought back safely to the YMCA.
  • There will be marshals guiding Walkers on their way ensuring that walkers will stay on the official route.

An appeal to charities

If you would like to raise money by encouraging your supporters to join in please let The Long March Committee know by completing the form on our website at longmarch.org.uk.

The only charge for a Walker will be a Registration Fee of £20 (raised to £30 on the night), which will enable the event to be run safely. After that, walkers can decide if they would like to support a Charity of their Choice and sponsor forms will be made available from the chosen charity.

This is a great new opportunity for Charities to use an established event to support their causes.

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