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History Out Loud Welcome to History Out Loud; Chat From the Stacks, a brand new podcast from Calderdale Libraries. Join Gill Carpenter, and me Sarah Rose as we delve deep into our local studies collection to discuss topics that have grabbed our attention.We'll be talking all about window breaking, bribery and corruption at the 1835 … Continue reading What’s on

Curious e-Motion series 2 ‘Our Values’ Live!

Curious e-Motion series 2 ‘Our Values’ You may have noticed that series 2 of Curious e-Motion launched on Tuesday! For this series we are exploring the values that Curious Motion holds – artistry, compassion, curiosity, empathy, inclusion and integrity.What do they mean to different people and what can we learn by delving into them? Plus, we’ve got … Continue reading Curious e-Motion series 2 ‘Our Values’ Live!