Stroke Prevention Day 2021

Join us on Stroke Prevention Day, Thursday 14 January 2021, and make one small change to reduce your risk of stroke.   

Many of our regular behaviours such as smoking, drinking alcohol or being physically inactive, along with having high blood pressure, diabetes, or being an unhealthy weight, can increase your risk of stroke. It’s important to be aware of your risk of stroke so that you can act now to manage or reduce it.   

This January we want to help you understand your risk of stroke and pledge with us to make one small change over three months. 

How do I take part?

Anyone can take part and its free to sign up. Just fill in a short form to let us know you’re taking part. You can sign up at any time between 1 and 31 January.

Make my pledge

We’ll support you during your three-month pledge by sending you monthly emails with hints and tips. You’ll also get access to our ’pledger’s page’ where you can download resources to help share prevention messages on social media, and read regular updates from others who’ve made a pledge. 

What can I do this Stroke Prevention Day?

There are lots of simple things you can do to reduce your risk of stroke. This may be swapping an alcoholic drink for a soft one, getting up and moving regularly during the day, changing up your diet to include less salt or more fruit and veg, stopping smoking, or even joining an online exercise or activity group.   

We recognise that making a change to your lifestyle isn’t always easy, and will be different for everyone. Pick something that’s straightforward and manageable for you. It’s also worth keeping it simple so you can complete your pledge even with ongoing or changing Covid-19 restrictions. If you’re able to stick with it for three months, you’re more likely to form a regular habit.   

You could consider one of the actions below, or choose one of your own that may be more relevant and achievable for you. Find out more about the risk factors for stroke and how to reduce them.

Get help to stop smoking

Think about your relationship with alcohol

Get moving

Address your high blood pressure or high cholesterol

Enjoy healthier food

Manage your diabetes

Be inspired

Hear from people who’ve already made a change to their diet or lifestyle, and how it has helped them reduce their risk of stroke.

For more information see the Stroke Association website


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