Book Launch of ‘Baghlan Boy’ a novel by Michael Crowley

You are invited to an online book launch entitled Baghlan Boy which is on Monday December 7th at 7.30pm. The event is being hosted by Hebden Bridge Town Hall and you can register to  receive a zoom link at Eventbrite.

The story of Farood Abdali, an eleven-year-old Afghan, making his way across continents only to be enslaved at his destination.

About this Event

Farood Abdali is just eleven years old when a drone strike destroys his family’s mud-built home in Baghlan Province, Afghanistan, killing his father and leaving him and his older brother alone. His brother sells the family sheep to pay an ‘agent’ to take Farood to the West, not knowing when he will be back but being hopeful that he’ll one day return with liberating wealth. We skip forward eight years to a prison where nineteen-year-old Farood is beginning a life sentence for a crime he says he didn’t commit. Forever a captive, despite his will to escape, can Farood Abdali break the mould and forge a better life? Baghlan Boy is published by The Book Guild.